Weed Is No Longer A Problem


  • First, dissolve the pesticide in water in a separate container. Fill the tank of your device halfway with water, run the mixer, pour the pesticide into it and top it up with water. For good weed control, care should be taken to make a good coating. The amount of water to be used is 10-40 liters per decare. If the grass density is high, the amount of water to be used should be increased. If possible, a fan type nozzle (11003-11002) should be used for spraying.
  • Do not apply the pesticide during the hot hours of the day.
  • There should be no precipitation within 4-5 hours of spraying.
  • Do not use in the same year as organic phosphorus soil insecticides. Corn development is affected. There should be at least 7 days between foliar application of organic phosphorus pesticides.

Do not use in Sweet and Gin Corn.

In the fields applied LAYOUT 40 OD, only wheat, barley and soybean after 4 months; After 10 months, the desired culture plant can be planted.