The Choice of Winners


DYERIPE 116.2 EC should be used after emergence, during young and active growth periods of weeds (2-6 leaves). Drought, cold, etc. of cultivated plants and weeds. For reasons, the application should not be made under stressed conditions, it should be waited until the stress conditions disappear.

DYERIPE 116.2 EC; It is a selective and systemic plant protection product used against annual and perennial grassy weeds (wheat-barley) cultivars in the young stages of weeds, especially after emergence in broad-leaved crop plants. After application, it is immediately taken up by the leaves. It is transported to the roots by moving within the plant.

Crop rotation: All kinds of cultivated plants are grown as the next crop in the field where DYERIPE 116.2 EC is applied because it degrades very quickly in the soil.