Package: 1 LT

Penetrator - Surfactant

732 g/L Alifatik Hydrocarbons, Hexahydric Alcohol Ethoxylates and C18-C20 Oil acid

amc-tr-tarim-msds-raporu amc-tr-tarim-etiket

General Info:

  • REMIX, together with residual soil herbicides, is a specific adjuvant for pre-emergence herbicides.
  • REMIX, when applied to the soil with herbicides, provides a better coating of the herbicides in the soil, allowing them to spread and adhere
  • REMIX prevents the pesticides from drifting out of the spray area (drift control), improves the coverage area in the soil and increases the absorption of soil particles and organic matter.
  • In this way, REMIX increases the effect on weed control and reduces the stress that may occur on the plants. .
  • REMIX can be used in field garden agriculture as it is advised.
  • REMIX can be applied with many herbicides used before planting and emergence.

Usage and Doses:

REMIX is used only with pre-emergence soil herbicides. REMIX is always added last to the spray tank.

Usage dose 20-40 ml /da