Agrifac Condor


Agrifac Condor Features


  • Machine length: 870 cm
  • Machine width: 300 cm
  • Machine height: 385 cm
  • Ground clearance: 130 - 200 cm

StabiloPlus Chassis

  • StabiloPlus tandem chassis with air suspension
  • stability thanks to equal weight distribution on all 4 wheels
  • 4-wheel steering, 2-wheel steering and crab steering
  • Infinitely adjustable track width of 75 cm from the cabin, with actual track width of 229 - 304 cm ,

Drive and Forward Thrust

  • Hydrostatic stepless 4-wheel drive (continuously variable)
  • Drum brakes on all 4 wheels.
  • Transport/road speed up to 50 Km/h depending on the legislation by country.
  • Spray speed group 1: 0 -12 km/h, group 2: 0 - 25 km/h
  • Joystick, foot pedal and cruise control.
  • Engine: 6-Cylinder Cummins engine, 212 kW (288 hp ) water-cooled. EU stage V
  • Fuel tank: 305 liters
  • Hydraulic oil tank: 80 liters
  • AdBlue tank: 31 liters

J-Boom arm

The J-type spray arm is characterized by a compact and modular structure. The self propelled sprayer is particularly compact in length and width. Unique and ideal for good general visibility, safe road transport and easy maneuvering even on small roads. The J-type offers many benefits such as standard variable geometry (independent lift arms), a balanced, gas-spring controlled rupture protection and complete nozzle protection from start to finish Thanks to the modular construction, the spray arm is easy to expand or adjust with options such as HighTechAirPlus . The J-type spray arm has been specially developed for longevity. Each spray arm has the same base developed for arm widths up to 52 meters!