• flybeFormulation: Water Soluble Tablet (ST)
  • Active Ingredient: 1 g/tablet Gibberellic acid

amc-tr-tarim-msds-raporu amc-tr-tarim-etiket

Crop Usage Rate
Edible Seedless Grape

1. application: When the clusters are 4-8 cm long before flowering. In order to lengthen the clusters

2 tablet / 100 L water

2. application: For grain dilution during full bloom, that is, at the time when 70-80% of the flower petals are shed.

3. application: After flowering, when the grains reach 3 mm scatter size, for grain coarsening

Dried Seedless Grape

To increase yield 4-5 days after the flower capsules are poured

1 tablet / 100 L water

In order to reduce flower drop, increase fruit set and increase yield in Satsuma and Clemantin cultivars, 75-80% of the flowers are opened during the period.

1,5 tablet / 100 L water
Orange 4-5 weeks after completion of flowering to prevent June shedding in Jaffa oranges 2 tablet / 100 L water

In the Washington Navel variety, in order to prolong the period of stay of the fruits on the tree and to regulate the harvest, the color change in the fruits begins.

1-2 tablet / 100 L water

When the first color change is seen in the fruits. In order to keep the fruits on the tree for 2-3 months,

1 tablet / 100 L water

In the period when the first color change is seen in the fruits in order to delay the harvest without rotting, deterioration and softening of the fruit shell.

1 tablet / 100 L water

In order to increase the yield in pear varieties with low fruit set, 30% of the flowers are opened. Also at the time of flowering to protect from frost damage that may occur, the solution prepared at the latest 2 days after frost is sprayed on the trees.

1,5-2 tablet / 100 L water
Cherry and Sour Cherry

In order to delay the harvest and to obtain large and bright grains, at the beginning of the color change.

1-2 tablet / 100 L water

An application in the first week of August delays the next year's flowering by 3-7 days and prevents the peaches from being damaged by late spring frosts.

1,5 tablet / 100 L water

For the reproduction of young shoots given by the rootstock plant in seedlings, while the rootstock plant has 1-6 leaves. In addition, 3-4 weeks before flowering in order to ensure the cropping of strawberries, to increase the yield and to make the fruits larger.

5 tablet / 100 L water

In order to get the harvest 1-2 months earlier and to obtain a well-shaped and large product, especially in the middle part of the plants in the period when the plants have 4-5 leaves and the leaf length is 20-30 cm.

2,5-5 tablet / 100 L water

Before planting, seed potatoes are dipped in the solution prepared with FLYBE and planted, thus ensuring fast and regular emergence.

2 tablet / 100 L water

7-15 days before harvest to promote umbilical cord

2 tablet / 100 L water or 1 tablet / da

To increase yield, when half of the flowers bear fruit and 2-3 weeks after that

3 tablet / 100 L water

In cut floristry, it is used in chrysanthemum, rose, cyclamen and carnation in order to obtain long stems and large flowers.

4-15 tablet / 100 L water