Agrifac LightTraxx


Agrifac LightTraxx Features

  • Compact, lightweight and highly maneuverable
  • Ingenious simplicity, easy to use
  • Unrivaled cleaning
  • Excellent quality, superior capacity
  • The right leaf cutter for every job
  • Precise tracking of beets
  • More beets, more sensitive protection, more yield

LightTraxx's chassis creates a balanced and powerful machine with its open and easily accessible structure. The well-designed and clever geometry of the four wheels ensures optimum weight distribution of the machine. Due to the proper weight distribution, soil compaction is minimized, and the most efficient harvest can be achieved even in difficult and muddy conditions. The positions of the wheels ensure that the field is completely level after harvest. The LightTraxx is an ideal machine with its agility and low fuel consumption in small fields with limited spaces where a lot of maneuvers is needed.

Technical Specifications

Cleaning and Shipping

  • Cleaning turbines: 3 x 1550 mm (option 4. turbine)
  • Elevator Band: 1000 mm wide
  • Cleaning openings: Pigtail and/or bar
  • Warehouse: 18.5 m3
  • Discharge: 1000 mm
  • Tank emptying time: Approx. 1 minute


  • Front Wheels: 710/75 F34
  • Rear Wheels: 750/65 R26
  • Lubrication system: Automatic “Beka - Max”
  • Transport Width: 3.25 m
  • Height: 4.00
  • Length: 11.30 m (Depends on the removal system)
  • Weight: 20 Tons
  • Chassis: Rear wheels, front wheels (earth protection).

Beheading and Dismantling

  • Operation: 6-row 45 or 50 cm (18” or 20”)
  • Leaf Cutter: Integral or leaf blower
  • The Head Cutter: can be adjusted from the ProtectPlus cabinet.
  • Dismantling System: ExcenterPlus horizontal row tracking
  • Depth Control: AutomaticDismantling
  • Turbines: 2 x 1500 mm

Engine and Powertrain

  • Engine: Volvo 6 cylinders 345 kW (469 hp)
  • Eu: Stage IV
  • Working Speed: ​​1200 – 1500 RPM
  • Fuel Tank: 900 Liters
  • Hydraulic Pumps: Linde
  • Wheel Motors: Linde
  • Control: EcoTronicPlus
  • Drive: Stepless hydrostatic speed control
  • Steering: All-wheel
  • Auto Steering: Front and rear