Nightmares of Redmites


It has an immediate effect in the fight against spider mites and provides long-term protection.

  • Two different active ingredients, two different effects.
  • Contact and translaminar movement.
  • It is effective in larva, nymph and adult periods.
  • It has a sterile effect on adult female spider mites.
  • It kills in a short time in females who cannot lay eggs.
  • In addition to the long duration of action, it also has an accelerated immediate effect.

Against European Red Spider and Hawthorn spider mite in Apple, and Two-spotted Red Spider in Cherry and Peach. Against Two-spotted red spider in the vineyard; Chemical control is recommended when 5-8 pests are found on a leaf, by keeping the vineyard areas where the two-spotted spider mite spread under observation. If the pest density exceeds the threshold in the counts made as of the end of the effect period of the product used in the 1st application, the 2nd application is made. In applications made before harvest, the application is terminated by taking into account the waiting time of the acaricide used.